Virtual Reality Roundup… Personal Profile for Virtual Reality?

Still reading Snow Crash whenever I can grab the time!

There appears to be so many settings for the Oculus Rift that will be personal and different for each user – I would not want to set this again every time I play a game!

Hopefully, the development community will figure out a way to share these settings across games (e.g. Field of View, distance between eyes etc).  There must be a virtual reality standard out there that all can adopt 🙂

This happened recently:

1.  New Oculus Rift SDK Release 

Oculus VR have released version 0.2 of their SDK.

Version 0.2.1
New Features
  • Added initial magnetometer-based yaw drift correction. Press ‘X’ and ‘Z’ keys to calibrate in OculusWorldDemo.
  • Added support for chromatic aberration correction.
  • Added Mac OSX support to C++ OculusWorldDemo and Unity integration.
  • Redesigned SDK internals to make use of portable HID abstraction layer.
  • Added motion prediction to OculusWorldDemo app, it can be toggled with ‘P’ key.


  • Exposed new properties in OVRCameraController to toggle prediction, chromatic aberration, etc.
  • Added 64-bit Windows support.
  • Fixed deferred rendering shadow issues with Rift integration.
Bug Fixes
  • Modified StereoConfig to adjust projection center based on lens centers instead of IPD; this approach is correct considering collimated light.
  • Fixed renderer crash triggered on HD3000 when mip-maps were dropped.
  • Fixed occasional USB re-opening issues when USB connector is plugged back in.
  • Adjusted reported distance between lens centers to 63.5 mm.

2.  Second Life

Looks like Second Life team are digging it and there will be integration!

3.  Half Life 2 

More progress on Half Life mods.  Still alpha, but this appears to be the place where there has been most progress with integration.

Natural aiming with the gun from various perspectives?  Laser pointer instead of crosshair?  Swing a crow bar with a hydra?

Check it out

4.  More Head Positioning with Hydra

I’ve not seen many of the other guys do this, but have a feeling that it would be very cool… e.g. ducking, leaing backwards and forwards etc… here’s some more experimentation!

5.  Cute

I didn’t watch much of this video, but thought the comment was cool:

“I quickly added a vr walk mode to some momonga levels. It feels like actually meeting the game characters for the first time. :-)”

6.  Eve – Dog Fighting

Title says it all: Eve dog fighting 

7. Lastly – Cymatic Bruce!

This guy is on fire!  He’s shared so many vids where he is using Vireio Perception.  Really appreciate it 🙂  Here are some I watched just today.  I am finding these really useful for guiding game design:


Doom 3 BFG (Open source) – On my Definitely Have To Try list!


  • Creepy sounds
  • Cheap thrills that may have become a little tired in traditional games become much better in 3D (make player jump etc)


  • Graphics (such as menus) not in the middle so not visible on Rift
  • Not being able to see body when looking down
  • Traditional cut scenes do not seem to work well (perhaps there is a better way of doing this…)
  • Laser guide for guns – better than crosshair
  • Make laser guide actually hit 3D objects.  Laser going through objects breaks immersion
  • Head kick – bad
  • Messages too close up
  • Things happening only on one eye

Dirt 2:

This looks like a great example of all the things that can go wrong

Currently doing: More on UDK scripting, recap on Maya, researching for game, getting story together


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