Virtual Reality Rant, Razers and Rollercoasters

Here’s the video from when I messed around with the Razer Hydra sample code from Epic Forums – courtesy of skwisdemon666 and recommended to me by Cymatic in one of his videos:

Some interesting things going on in the world of VR:

Rollercoaster -> Really that good?? (more below)


Zombies and Shotguns

Space with mom again 🙂

Sleep (kid game)

-> This is so close to the game I want to make 😛

First world problems?  (Funny…)

Skilling up: Continued to familiarise with UDK script classes.

Blog: added some extra social media-type buttons at the top 🙂

Bad news: Maybe I am 3 years behind everybody else on the interweb, but I just discovered MindCraft…. I expect productivity to drop significantly, but surely this qualifies as research…

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