Track my Noggin with a Hydra and Screw the Gloves, Real Men use Bare Hands…

Finally had time to finish Ready Player One this weekend 🙂  All I can say is, if you are developing and want some extra inspiration – read it!  Snow Crash is now in the post from Amazon and the set of academic papers I ordered have been cancelled by the seller due to weight issues…  Anyhoooo, I have plenty to be getting on with.

Hold your breath… okreylos blew me away (check out Oliver Kreylos’ awesome blog here):

Continuing to be amazed with new discoveries.  The Internet keeps on giving!  Do position tracking with the Razer Hydra???  Genius ekaj200!  I will definitely try this.

I’ve been continuing with my UDK tutorials.  So many ideas and so little time in the day!

Check out this blog by Cymatic Bruce who is generously sharing his development experience with UDK and Razer Hydra on the Oculus Dev Forum and on his blog.  Star Trek style interior is really coming along and check out the Scalerform menu system he has towards the end of this video:

Lots of thanks Mr Bruce!

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