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Oculus Crescent Bay

Oculus announced their new development kit today at Oculus Connect which was streamed live on Twitch (http://www.twitch.tv/oculus).  It’s called the Crescent Bay (named after a location near to the Oculus office).  Oculus will also licence Real Space 3D (www.realspace3daudio.com).


The unit features 360 degree tracking, optional headphones and comes with 3 demos.

Epic have worked with Oculus to create a demo to show off a demo called “Showdown”.  Apparently, the most incredible demonstration of presence yet – I have to try it!

Worth checking out the Michael Abrash talk too:


The challenges of VR: smell, audio, tactile, taste, kinesthetic, audio and interactive…



Presence in Virtual Reality

Check out Michael Abrash’s slides from a Steam Developer Day (from back in Jan 2014, but I only just discovered it now):


Interesting read.

EDIT 21st March 2014.  Found the accompanying YouTube video.  Enjoy 🙂

Also, just uploaded some footage from the SXSW Game of Thrones experience.  Grab a copy here Hipster Squid if you want to check it out (http://www.hipstersquid.com/).  I found various issues with this demo, but the concept is interesting and (in particular) interesting that such a large franchise are looking at VR.