VR Web Online Virtual Reality (Janus VR) YouTube Series

This is a list of videos I created which are related to the online virtual world that is the VR Web.  Accessed via Janus VR using the Oculus Rift headset.

VR Web 18 – Build Virtual Reality Like in MineCraft

VR Web 17 – 50 Days and 50+ Rooms in Virtual Reality 

VR Web 16 – Call of Duty Inspired Room Breakdown and Timelapse

VR Web 15 – Call of Duty Inspired Virtual Reality Room

(I somehow numbered the next video incorrectly!  There is no VR Web 14! :P)

VR Web 13 – Lighting Demo Using GLSL Shaders 

VR Web 12 – Chiba City Now Online

VR Web 11 – Ghosts in the Gallery

VR Web 10 – Share Your VR Content More Easily

VR Web 9 – Doctor Who, Shaders and Video as Material! 

VR Web 8 – Dante’s Game Boy room – overnight updates! 

VR Web 7 – Dante’s Game Boy themed room! 

VR Web 6 – Beginnings of an adventure and Chiba City’s 1st Cinema

VR Web 5 – Welcome to Chiba City (Location in Neuromancer book) – early proof of concept

VR Web 4 – My Gauntlet Arcade Machine and… 

VR Web 3 – Virtual Room 45 Creation Time Lapse

VR Web 2 – Creating A Virtual Reality Pad for Firebox

VR Web 1 – Surf the Web in Virtual Reality using Firebox

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