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YouTube series for online virtual reality (VR Web)

How do I build an online virtual reality webpage myself?

Right, if you have a basic understanding of HTML then you are already half way there.  The syntax for pages that Janus VR (AKA Firebox) can read is super simple.

1.  Go to the Janus VR development site and grab the latest copy of Janus VR.

Download Janus VR

2.  Start it up and have a play around.  Get it working on your PC.  You don’t need an Oculus headset to get this working.  Ask questions on the Oculus developer forum if you have any issues:

Janus VR on Oculus Dev Forum

3.  Once you are ready to try creating a page go to the documentation for the syntax on the official Janus VR page.  Just glance through this for now.

Syntax Reference

Watch the following video to give yourself a feel for the high level steps to build an online virtual world room.

4.  Check out  Lee Nolan’s free hosting site here where you can easily experiment (sites hosted on Lee’s server can be accessed via the big door on the bottom right of the Janus VR startup area).

Janus VR Room Hosting Website:

Check out my online virtual room! 😀

My Room:

5.  Now try building a basic online virtual reality room.

6.  If you want to create custom assets then you can download them.

(TODO: Suggested sites for ready made assets)

7.  If you want to make your own assets then take a look at this short video to get a feel for the high level view of the steps if using something like Blender:

(TODO: Do equivalent for Sketchup)

Lastly, as you can probably tell, I am super hyped about the potential of virtual reality, integration with existing web content, Janus VR etc and spending more time than I probably should have messing around with it.

If you’re interested then also check out the YouTube web series I have started to show my experiments with Firebox and the wonderful world of VR for the web!

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