Oculus Rift on Android Devices?

I happen to write 2 blogs.  My other hobby is Android Mini TV Sticks (www.minitvstick.com).  So… one of the first things I tried when I received my Oculus Rift was plugging it into one of the sticks I have at home!  Below are a couple of videos showing the Oculus Rift interacting with a Android Jelly Bean Mini TV Stick (this one is a CloudnetGo CR9 quad core model -> Check out the other blog if you are interested in further details).

If you’re interested in Android/Oculus Rift, I found a few forum topics related to Android development for Oculus Rift that may be of interest.  Am sure there are probably more, but this is what I have seen so far:




Would be awesome to be plugged into my personal IMAX cinema on a long haul flight!  Richard Branson -> Are you listening!!!!  If anybody knows Richard, please forward this to him.  Thank you.

Plugged into HDMI:

Rotation working as well:

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