Leaked plans or April Fools? More on motion sickness…

Happy Halliday

A second Oculus  (still Oculus Rift?) developer kit towards the end of 2013, front facing cameras on retail unit to enable Augmented Reality?

Check out info from PC Perspective: http://www.pcper.com/news/General-Tech/GTC-2013-Oculus-VR-Reveals-Future-Oculus-Rift-ECS

Health Warning: Not sure if this is an April Fools though 😛

Just to follow up on last posting, as you could probably tell, there is significant discussion on the developer forum around the topic of VR Simulation Sickness and how future game design will need to take into account the factors that increase the likelihood of Simulator Sickness.  The following link on Wikipedia goes through some of the salient points around motion sickness.

Also sent a note to Dr. E.M. Kolasinski who wrote one of the Wiki referenced articles and she replied almost immediately (thank you!) 🙂 She recommended checking out the following book on the topic:

Handbook of Virtual Environments: Design, Implementation, and Applications (Human Factors and Ergonomics)

Above link is for Amazon US.  Have just added this to the recommended reading list section.  Just ordered a 2nd hand copy myself.  Had a look on Amazon UK and a new copy was £200+!  So… if you are curious and want a copy then highly recommend getting a 2nd hand copy from US Amazon.

Lastly, just to say, the UDK tutorials on the UDK site are excellent.  I highly recommend anybody new to UDK and interested in building levels to download the 3D Buzz tutorials towards the bottom of the page here.

Note that this set of UDK tutorials includes the following:

You can also download the assets that are used in many of these videos here:


I’ve ran through the 02_-_Simple_Level__01_BSP__* tutorials and some of the others too and they were awesome 🙂


Happy Easter!


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