Easter 2017 -Mini VR Project – Part 2

Anyhow, here is where we are:

1 -> Setup – DONE

1a. Get hardware setup

1b. Update PC hardware to get Vive all up to date

1c. Update UE4

1d. Setup Wacom pad

2 -> Dry Run – DONE

2a. Import existing blender model into UE4

2b. Check scale and solidify import process

Getting used to the Wacom pad… slight delay. Going to try and use Wacom for UE4 and mouse for Blender.  Want to keep defaults for future flexibility.  Not sure how well this will work out, but let’s give it a try.

Availability is not as expected either and I have other plans for tomorrow too 🙂

14th April Fri – 8hrs -> Used 5hrs

15th April Sat – 3hrs -> Used 0hrs

16th April Sun – 0hrs -> Used 2hr

17th April Mon – 8hrs

18th April Tue – 0hrs

19th April Wed – 0hrs

20th April Thur – 0hrs

21st April Fri – 1hr

22nd April Sat – 8hrs -> Complete main quest 5 hrs into this day

23rd April Sun – 8hrs

24th April Mon – 4hrs

25th April Tue – 8hrs

The last time I messed around with the UE4 VR editor I had to grab the source from Github, compile and mess around a little to get it running.

This time you just go to Edit->Editor Preferences->Experimental (Enable VR Editing) on the normal release 🙂

See here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Editor/VR/ActivateVRMode/index.html

Once you have checked that box and come back out you get this little button:

Pressed this little sucker and…

So… I try importing a FBX I created a while ago using default settings.

Not exactly clean:

And all the bits imported in separately… much too much detail for my initial purposes…

Back into blender.. Ctrl + J to join up all the bits…before


After…(Had to make sure I applied some of the modifiers before I joined otherwise the modifications seemed to disappear – e.g. the fencing)

Export options:

Same issue… fewer objects, but they still come in together as 100s of separate parts… so try exporting again with “Selected Objects” checked…

Fewer warnings:

Fewer objects…

And it’s in…

Model has all sorts of lighting issues..  Hmmm… quite a lot of issues… this is what it looks after rebuilding lighting…

So I think i will just leave it without building for now.  And then hit the VR button to edit the world in VR…


Cool stuff… Point right hand at left hand or vice versa and this comes up…

Click on the circular clicky area and get shortcuts…

Everything looks kinda transparent in editor mode so it is difficult to see what exactly is going on… but it does stop me getting motion sick…

However, you can switch on a slender man-esque “flashlight” mode which seems to make everything a little more solid…

But still not ideal… better that I skip into game mode… or perhaps “simulate” mode would be nice…In fact  everything is a little transparent – even the menus – I am not liking the transparent menus.  Especially when you want to read stuff… like in the Details panel…

I want to check out a particular room… so I have to make the house without collisions.  Had quick look around and it’s pretty cool.

I definitely get a sense of scale, but it’s a big reminder that the whole thing looks remarkably unimpressive due to the issues with the 3D model!  I also do not like the mechanism for moving around.  It doesn’t really work very well for me – flying around in “Play” mode is pretty sickening!

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