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  1. We have created an Oculus ready playable demo called ‘BouncerVR’. We’re currently trying to collect money via a crowd funding project to turn this demo into a fun game. Let us know what you think! (Don’t worry, you can play without the oculus rift as well!)


    BouncerVR is a virtual reality arcade game for PC, Mac, Linux and Oculus Rift. The game is a tribute to games of the past.
    Simple to play, yet engaging and challenging. In the game, you control a shield with only your vision. With this shield you bounce a ball towards the enemy.
    You score a point when the enemy is unable to bounce back the ball.

    You can collect various power-ups to help you reach your goal. Some power-ups speed up or resize the ball, while others change the gameplay dramatically.
    Play through various levels and unlock new types of power-ups in the process.

    While this game is made from the ground up for the Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses, it can also be played without them by using your mouse.
    Playing the game in VR gives you the advantage of depth perception thus you can see the ball and power-ups coming towards you and guess their distance and speed.

    I am one of those people who becomes motion sick very quickly while using the Rift. With this project he succeeded in creating a game that doesn’t have this effect on me.
    I think this is mainly because you don’t move around in the virtual world.

    The game uses only your head movement as input controls.
    No need to fumble around with gamepads or mouse and keyboard. Just put on the rift and play.

    ps: We have also started a Thunderclap message.
    It needs 100 people who support the message so the system sends it out. It’s free and takes less than a minute to support.


    Please share the project with your friends. It’s very hard to get exposure as a small developer. Every small mention on Facebook, Twitter or forum/blog helps a lot.

    1. Hey dongcheol – sorry I did not respond to your message on oculushut.com! Personal life took over and I ended up only saw the message now. Just saw your 360 video. Pretty cool – esp. for 2015!

  2. I’ve recently released an Oculus DK2 demo Dimensional. It’s a VR-only, standing game that requires physical movement (duck, lean, dodge, walk). It supports room-scale tracking but will also work in areas as small as 1.2m x 50cm. It has lots of unique ideas to allow you to move within a small space and complete the puzzles and challenges.

    The Kickstarter is currently live http://kck.st/23X17RU Please download the demo and let me know what you think. It’s a unique experience and I’ve been getting great feedback from people that have played.

    1. Hey Brett – sorry I did not respond to your message on oculushut.com! Personal life took over and I ended up only saw the message now. Hope you had some good luck with the kickstarter!

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