Consumer Oculus Rift, Position Tracking and Stuff

And it was just a matter of time…

And for those of you who wish to challenge yourself from a motion sickness point of view… you can be like the Wildling from Game of Thrones (possessing crows?  This’ll teach ya!):

VirtuaView, well worth a mention (do support them :)):

For the betting man, the noises from E3 suggests that the following are priorities for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift.  It would be interesting to see what gets through:

a) Higher resolution (prototype shown was 1080p – dev kit is 720p)

b) Limited position tracking.

c) Next gen console support

d) Tighter physical design

Some highlights from various YouTube vids:

  • Unreal Engine 4 integration – 28 seconds
  • They are using the best screen that is currently available.  Constraint is tech and not financial at the moment (am sure that means reasonable financial constraints…) – 42 seconds
  • Even better than 1080p for retail version since better will be available on the market – 50 seconds
  • RedditGames
  • Resolution is currently the biggest complaint – 40 seconds.  (Awesome device as it is, but 100% agree that resolution is the thing which will transform the experience (I think :P)
  • Will choose a screen that will reduce or get rid of “screen door” effect (lines between pixels) – 55 seconds (Yes!)
  • Positional tracking! – Yes! 1 min 10 seconds

There are lots more interviews – I feel tired just looking at them all!


Lastly, Tony Bowren posted up a little guide to use the Razer Hydra to get position tracking working on the Tuscany Demo.  He has a compiled version as well if you just want to download and try it out.  I just had a go and it’s really interesting…. being able to lean in to look at details was very intuitive.

(Note that if you are just going to grab the binary then it will complain about 2 missing sixense DLLs – just grab these from your TF2 or Half Life 2 folders – do a search for the missing DLLs.  It will then need the assets for the Tuscany Demo.  I just copied over the Assets, MacOS and Release folders and it all worked fine.)

Interestingly, my partner didn’t feel as much motion sickness when she tried again with the position tracking…

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