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Valve Make Oculus Rift Game and Shipping Starts!

2 pieces of significant Oculus news these couple of days!

Started Shipping?

First of all is the news from the Oculus Rift facebook group that Oculus have
started shipping dev kits to the masses Check out this map which shows all the people who are receiving kits and willing to demo!  I just added myself to the map.  Check out this unboxing image too!

Oculus Rift Unboxing

According to the chatter Oculus can ship at 5000 a week. Well,
my transaction number is around 40 000 so I guess this means that they will start shipping my unit quite a long time from now!

Oculus Rift for Valve’s Team Fortress II

Secondly, I received an email this morning from Oculus that said that Valve will
have a VR-ready Team Fortress II add-on next week!! Wow… things are moving on.

Palmer Team Fortress 2
There was also an Engadget link to an interview with Valve.  Interesting to see
sobering and considered opinions from Joe Ludwig regarding Valve’s stance – i.e. see what people think about what Valve have done with Team Fortress II and learn.

Valve development team

The email from Oculus this morning also mentioned the following:

“Valve is also planning on sharing what they learned bringing TF2 to VR in two GDC talks:
– Why Virtual Reality is Hard (And Where it Might be Going) presented by Michael Abrash
– What We Learned Porting Team Fortress 2 to Virtual Reality presented by Joe Ludwig”

Can’t wait to hear what they found – warts and all!

Developing for the Oculus Rifts

Rainy Day

I am probably not alone in being inspired to develop something for the Rift.  I’ve read through various conversations on other forums about the various routes I could go down and will start a new forum area to store some of the better tutorials I find.  Have already downloaded Unity and will have a play with what I have.

What to make?

As I read more about the opportunities with VR I am increasingly compelled to create “Experiences” rather than “Games”.  Perhaps this is to do with the amount of time I have to spend on these projects as much as my lack of enthusiasm for running around for hours shooting stuff.  Slender Man on VR?  Ready to be shot down for saying this, but I think that VR could be TOO intense… I know, right?  TOO intense?  Like the first X minutes of Saving Private Ryan…  Perhaps this is the metaphorical sledgehammer medium that we will need to be subtle with?

A Visceral Experience

I’ve been trying to think of a good project to concentrate on (something to make sense of all the technical learning to put things into context) and I think have decided on what I would like to try out.

The premise: A moment from my childhood that I would like to recreate.  Nothing too dramatic, but one of those flash bulb moments.  I wonder what it will take to convey the same feeling to another person and what the creative process to achieve this will be?