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7 x Games and Experiences

Got the Cylon eye moving in UDK now as well and will try to post up a video to record the steps required to import from Blender to UDK.

However, first of all, 7 more Oculus games and experiences!  Please like/share!   Enjoy!

1.  Space Corridor

2.  Walking Man

3.  Eden River

4.  Oculus Maximus

5.  Reddit

6.  Sightline

7.  Probably Archery

9 x Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Games

Just put together a video which includes short clips from 9 Oculus virtual reality games.  You can check it out below.

Lots of interesting VR experiments.  After trying all these experiments/alphas/betas I am not sure if they should all be called games really, but anyway below is the list of what I tried and some links to find out more.

1. Crashland (First Person Shooter)

I didn’t actually get this working properly.  My Hydra drivers probably needed an update.  Looked interesting though 🙂

2. Dreadhalls (Dungeon Walk First Person)

Scared the crap out of me.  This is a dungeon walker.  As others have mentioned, it’s super easy to create horror type games in Oculus virtual reality.  Switch off the lights, stick in something gory when a player least expects it and blast out the noise.  I really do think we are pre-programmed to shit ourselves when we feel as if we are going to get killed by something or someone, but we do not know what it is…

3. First Law (Flight Sim)

Future flight sim.  Great execution.  Loved it.  Great sounds, dashboard thing really worked.  The HUD felt absolutely solid and when I think back the graphics were somehow pretty cool too.  I should go and look back at this.  Perhaps the screen door effect was less obvious due to the mostly black space background??

4. Malfunction (Film/Short/Experience)

I won’t spoil it for you.  Quite fun.  Some interesting notes about self image in a game, how NPCs make a player feel and the effects of familiar surroundings.  I am a different height and different ethnicity from the protagonist.  Looking in the mirror was an interesting experience.  Certainly makes you think about what people mean when they say things like “I feel like a man trapped inside a woman’s body” or vice versa.  I did feel a bit of motion sickness on this one.  Perhaps the moving around needs to be slowed down?

5. Ocean Rift (Underwater VR Experience)

I want to be, under the sea.  Awesome atmospheric sound effects.  I want to be, under the sea!  Really relaxing.  The kind of thing I would want to do to chill out to…

6. Proton Pulse (Like Break Out for VR)

Break out for virtual reality.  No motion sickness.  This is lots of fun.  Great music and energising.   I found my self bobbing my neck to the beat whilst playing 😀  Imagine lots of smiley faces bombarding your brain.

7. Hydra Deck (Real Time Strategy Demo)

Really interesting concept.  RTS…. how the hell would this work in Virtual Reality?  I use to be the biggest StarCraft fan.  If you’re into RTSs then check this out.  Very much like Gulliver’s World.  I would love to see a re-enactment of a real battle in this format.  I.e. Can see how this could be such a great educational tool…. e.g. Battle of X starts in real time and then pauses when key events take place…. the battle pauses and a google maps type marker appears in the place where key things are happening.  You then crouch down and touch the marker (like pressing play when a video is paused)…. etc etc.  Can’t wait to see more!

8. Cover Shooter (First Person Shooter Demo)

If there can be favourites with VR games then this is mine.  INTENSE 😀  I loved it.  This is so much fun.  Some key things that made this awesome -> POSITION TRACKING!!!! (Left hydra on chest and right hydra in hand).  Love the fact that I can look in one direction and shoot in the other or duck under cover and then just wave my hand above the crate to shoot at the enemy like a true coward.  Oh, dodging bullets is also cool.

9. Wheels (Wheelchair Simulator)

Ever wondered how it feels to to be in a wheelchair?  Lots of interesting concepts in here such as how “movie” type scenes can be handled.  Bit motion sick from the experience, but there are so many ideas in here that I would recommend you give it a go if you are looking for inspiration 🙂

Man, the VR community is awesome!  There are so many little indie demos out there and there is such a high density of highly innovative stuff! Woohoo! 🙂  If there was a hand gesture being pro VR I would be doing it now…

I just noticed that there is a Meetup in London and the guy who wrote the 2 position tracking games is going to give a talk.  I may just have to go and buy the guy a beer 🙂