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Blog Speed and Books

Just had an opportunity to remove the phpbb forum from the web server and the blog is now much more snappy again!  For anybody else using an Amazon Web Service micro instance – don’t try and run WordPress with phpBB on it.  It will be sluggish… the little smurf won’t be able to handle the mighty phpBB tables.

It was so slow that it was even getting on my nerves (and a baby is never ugly to it’s papa!) so must have been pretty bad for anybody who wanted to browse anything!

Just bought 2 UDK books online… will give an opinion on them once I have done a little more reading.  Thought it would be better use of my time to read a book rather than scan through more out of date tips/tutorials on forums – agghghh! 😛

Have a game in mind now though… 😉

Oh -> And have a go on the new poll on the right hand side of the page… I’ve decided it’s worth putting more junkie stuff onto the front page now I have more power on the box 😀

2 videos that are worth checking out below.  If you don’t have an hour to spare, and have been keeping up with things, then I would recommend the 23 minute Q&A with Palmer Luckey.  Also, google GVS… funny (I’ve put a video at the bottom of the posting after the Oculus vids).

Video 1 – Talk

Video 2 – Q and A