Becoming l33t?

Immediate thoughts:

A. I’ve played waaaay too much MineCraft these few weeks. MineCrift is going up the TOTRY list… I have to get a video of G freestyle rapping as she plays…

B. I am super excited about Oculus Rift with Android… or with a Mini TV Stick… (see link below)

Wowsers it’s been busy again! Big time respect to games developers. There is soooooo much to cover if you want to make a 3D game. So how much does it take to get good at something like game making??

(Skip to the bottom if you just want a list of interesting Virtual Reality/Oculus Rift related links I found :))

I recently bought a box of granola from Tesco called “10K”. The marketing spiel on it was so douchebag-like that I just had to buy it. Unfortunately, I ate it and recycled the box before remembering to take a picture of it to share. It’s basically regular granola with caffeine. Check site here if you want to know what I mean. It’s cheeseball central. The premise is that you eat their cereal to become amazing at whatever you want since it will buy you extra hours. The idea of only considering the hours required to become “l33t” sparked some interesting thought experiment discussions with my other half. I could write a very long posting on this topic, but the caffeine is wearing out so I will not…

Moving on… I’ve taken a strategic decision to sharpen my 3D Blender skills rather than go with Maya. Maya is an AutoDesk product that costs almost £4000 (!) whereas Blender is… wait for it… free! I used both products about a year ago and preferred Maya at that point. However, after looking at Blender again now I’ve concluded that it can now do more than what I need. Either the open source community made some significant breakthroughs or the support around the product has grown – I am not sure, but it just feels right. Below are some YouTube channels I recommend you check out if you want to evaluate Blender for yourself:

VScorpianC -> Very clear style, friendly, patient -> Great for anybody new to Blender and just wants to see what it can do. She also has an extensive range of videos. Probably my favourite Blender channel at the moment.

BlenderCookie -> Lots and lots of vids…

Andrew Price -> Long detailed tutorials to get pro results! Rar!

Interesting Links

1. vorpX -> Another utility to make your old games work with Oculus Rift

2. Android on Oculus Rift? Plug in my phone? Plug in my Android Mini TV Stick???

3. If you haven’t seen the MTBS rollercoaster demo videos… you have to check them out:

More roller coaster action with this KickStarter too if you are interested: Theme Park Studio

4. Check out this channel if you are interested in motion capture for body/face and UDK. It’s rough and ready, but I find it useful to see things that are rough round the edges.

5. A London Meetup group for Oculus has begun in earnest 🙂

7. And of course, Virtuix Omni finally went for their KickStarter -> And they’ve absolutely nailed it! Well done 🙂

I leave you with words of wisdom from the back of a 10K cereal packet:

“20 hours a week. 1000 hours a year. For 10 years. 10,000 hours is the level of practice required for you to become elite in your chosen field.”

I love easy to remember numbers…

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